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Tasia, fools!

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Just so you know... [Dec. 20th, 2015|01:00 pm]
Tasia, fools!
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Reading back over old entries... [Aug. 13th, 2011|02:27 am]
Tasia, fools!
 And I am astounded by how immature I sound.

Which, of course, means that 5-8 years from now, this will also sound awfully immature.

On the bright side, I suppose that means progress is being made.

I worked my last day at my summer internship today. It's an internship that has really made me reconsider what I thought I wanted to do in life. Or, I suppose, given me a career path to consider in the first place - before now my plan was really just to go to Asia and putter around until I had my life-changing epiphany.

But I just wanted to write this down somewhere: I had a vision of my future home office. It is spacious, bright, and centers around a large monitor. I want peace and space.

And, I want my old website back. The old link in my LJ profile reminded me. I really did appreciate that domain. And the idea behind it - the ship from Last Exile, where one goes to strive for one's dreams in the open sky, matches quite well with my desire for wide open spaces, I think.

Once I start making some money, that's what's up.
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A Theory [Jun. 13th, 2008|01:50 pm]
Tasia, fools!
So I read this one post on fandomsecrets which was similar to several others I've seen before - why the hell does badfic get so many squeeing reviews??! This secret-writer in particular noticed that her own old, poorly-written fic still receives many more reviews than her more mature, more original recent works do. Well, I know that as an avid reader of fic for...wow, 5 or 6 years now, my tastes have very much matured as well. What I read ecstatically 5 years ago, with melodramatic plot twists and florid confessions of undying love, I mostly recognize as brainless drivel nowadays. Now that I know what I like in fics, as well as what will piss me off to no end, I sift through posted stories looking for works to suit my tastes (perhaps just as melodramatic but at least with proper spelling, punctuation and grammar).

Anyways, the reviews I would have left as an overzealous fangirl back then were just as nonsensical and drivel-like as the stories about which I was so excited. Three or four-ish years ago, when I began to discover the positive qualities of intelligent storytelling, my reviews changed as well - I capitalized words and, you know, didn't squee incoherently (as much). But, spoiled by this kind of quality, I am of course rendered unable to enjoy anything lesser - this means seemingly endless trawling of the internets to find the caliber of story that can satisfy me. I haven't reviewed a story in ages simply because (aside from the lack of time growing up and gaining responsibility entail) I'm lazy. It takes more work  than it once did to find a story I can plausibly enjoy, and so when I find one, there isn't really a question as to whether or not I will like it: of course I will, I just spent 30 minutes separating it from the chaff. Rather than reading through many fics to find a story I love, and then being glad to put in the effort to review, I put in effort to determine whether or not I will read a story at all, and only continue to spend my time on it if I truly enjoy it. I don't know if I can assume that this applies to other fans as well, but because it takes such time to find a story I can read, I don't often use my time to review fics - even if they are spectacularly written.

:-/ sorry great fanfic writers, I've gotten too lazy.
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Ficcage, because it's what I do best/all the time [Aug. 21st, 2007|02:33 am]
Tasia, fools!
First off, please excuse the rant-about-unnecessary-topic to follow.

I like to consider myself a person of fairly good taste - sophisticated, even. Which is why, I think, I spend so much time reading fics, or rather, searching for fics that I can read without dying a little inside. Here are the things that will make me stop reading and close the window (all of which I have encountered in the past 5 minutes. What is this?):

2. "Your cute." "Your a robot." YOUR CAN'T SPEAK ENGLISH. On a side note, I almost had an accident driving home from Girl Scouts today because I was so shocked by the license plate in front of me. I don't even remember what the plate said, only that this EXACT GRAMMATICAL ERROR was engraved into it. AMERICA, PLEASE LEARN TO SPELL.
3. "I will always love you." How trite.

These are the things that cause me to barely read the summaries:
1. "sucky summary" (or "summery," depending on the author's level of intelligence). PLZ TO BE PUTTING ENOUGH EFFORT INTO YOUR WRITING TO TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.
3. "woot." See above.

This was going to be longer, but I'm falling asleep at the keyboard. I shake my fists in anger at all those fic authors out there who really are anything but.

On another note, hay school! Sup with that?
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The Abortive Sorrows and Short-Winded Elations of Men [Feb. 26th, 2007|10:04 pm]
Tasia, fools!
[Current Mood |pessimisticpessimistic]


and I need a good grade, and I used to love English, and I am not motivated to work at all. I am motivated instead to cry or to express righteous anger or to take the bus to school and complain about how much money it costs. It would be nice if my English teacher were less involved in himself and more involved in attempting compassion and benevolence. Physically possible? One cannot tell.


and I am no longer interested in earning his respect or making him not hate me. Rather, I would like to survive the year. He has already signed me off for AP next year; so long as my grade remains acceptable I can escape unscathed, excluding the fact that my prose has become flowery mush under the influence of his constant application of manure, also known as bullshit. Lovely metaphor, yes? Shall I explore the imagery? But first, of course, he would have to read me the text in a charming Southern accent. Quite compelling, quite unhelpful - nearly so unhelpful as the writing lessons, in which he throws statistics and well-you-shot-yourself-in-the-foot-if-you-did-this at us poor, not really awake 1st perioders.

Alas, Gatsby, I could have enjoyed you so much more! The one day we had a substitute, my notes made more sense than a year's worth of 20-second background. Where does the time go? Spent on uncomfortable sarcasm? Most likely. I hope that one book I've been looking forward to is not ruined as well - I've found all the texts this year rather depressing, mostly because I leave class feeling as if I know nothing. Interesting teaching method.

Twelve weeks left, in which I shall have to work with no goal but to escape 11th grade English.

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